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Houseboat $29,250

 Located on Fontana Lake moored at the Prince Boat Dock . Floating dock, 12x20 is also available for $1500 and is NOT included  with the boat purchase. 


1988 Three Buoys, Aluminum hull

46’, Volvo B24 (not operational, work required), Repaired/rebuilt rear section, New bilge pumps front and rear, Repairs to fiberglass in multiple places though not finished on the rear.

Living Room

2 x 100w solar system with new panels, cabling and charge controller, Toilet and plumbing working, New LED lighting, Spare propeller on the boat but not fitted.


Work needed:  

Needs fiberglass repairing at rear, minor. Could also use standard building material instead. Roof needs to be coated/painted but is sound and not leaking. 


Work needed:

Small amount of wood rot around the front windshield Engine to be repaired. Steering and throttle connections require work. Seal around water intake needs to be replaced.


For additional information or to view the boat please call Debbie at 828.421.5507.